Star Fox 64 3D

Co-creator would make "a modern take of Star Fox using updated graphics and physics"

Guiles Goddard, who worked at Argonaut and with Miyamoto, would love to try a VR Star Fox and thinks "it would be possible to reboot the franchise".

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As Carve Snowboarding, the VR-based spiritual successor to winter sports classic 1080º Snowboarding, released right before the weekend, we took the chance to talk to Guiles Goddard, the main man behind both, who also lent his 3D knowledge to ground-breaking classics by Shigeru Miyamoto such as the original Star Fox (Starwing) and Super Mario 64.

While the lion's share of the interview is naturally about the new snowboarding game, we couldn't help but talking a little bit about those other Super Nintendo and N64 classics of the 1990's.

"A VR Star Fox game would be an interesting thing to try!", admits Goddard when asked about the potentially best way to bring back Fox McCloud and the Lylat Wars. However, despite Chuhai Labs' proximity to virtual reality as of late, he continues, " I'd also love to see or make a modern take of the original using updated graphics and physics etc. I think some sequels like [PlatinumGames Wii U's] Zero tried to do something too different or detached from what made the original so much fun. So I think it would be possible to reboot the franchise and make a true sequel, but whether there's enough of an audience to make it worthwhile for whoever is funding it, is a different problem".

VR, open-world, roguelike, on-foot, classic style but with modern graphics and physics... How would you like to see Star Fox return on the Nintendo Switch (Pro)? Leave a comment below.

Star Fox 64 3D

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