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Confirmed: PlayStation to skip E3 2020

Sony has decided to skip this year's E3 as well, instead choosing to focus on State of Play and its own events.

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The folks over at Sony took the whole world by surprise when they decided not to attend last year's Electronic Entertainment Expo, but it also made sense considering how we'd already seen and heard quite a bit about its upcoming games.

At the time everyone assumed that they would surely return in 2020 to talk about PlayStation 5. Recent rumours claimed that wouldn't be the case, however, and now it has been officially confirmed.

PlayStation has said that the company won't be a part of E3 2020 in any capacity, as it'll instead continue focussing on its own State of Play livestreams as well as having multiple events dedicated to the PlayStation 5 and the games launching alongside it this autumn.

Confirmed: PlayStation to skip E3 2020

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