Control vinyl soundtrack available for pre-order

The fantastic soundtrack of Remedy's Control is getting a vinyl release and it's available for pre-order now.

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Remedy's Control released to critical acclaim and to the delight of fans in August of last year and offered a mind-bending experience where players, controlling the game's protagonist Jesse Faden, guided her through the Oldest House where evil lurked around every corner. The game is set to receive its second story expansion 'AWE' soon but until that drops, fans can play the previous expansion 'The Foundation' which is out now or pre-order a newly-announced stunning vinyl of the game's soundtrack.

The vinyl features 16 tracks from the soundtrack composed by Petri Alanko and Martin Stig Andersen on two 180g vinyls, one black and one red, all packed into a deluxe gatefold sleeve in a minimalistic, sleek design. The record will set you back £33 and is set to ship late August 2020.

If you're a fan of the soundtrack, you can find our interview with composer Petri Alanko here.

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