Control's PS5 and Xbox Series X upgrade won't be free

It looks like we'll have to buy the just-announced Ultimate Edition to enjoy Remedy's game in all its next-gen glory.

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Many developers and publishers have said that those of us who already own games that are coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X on today's consoles will get new versions or upgrades for free, but now we have an exception.

Remedy and 505 Games have announced that a new version of Control, simply called Control Ultimate Edition, will be released on Steam on August 27, while those who prefer the Epic Games Store, PS4 or Xbox One will have to wait until September 10. This version includes all of the improvements that have been made and both expansions (including AWE). Nothing unusual about that.

What is unusual is that the previously confirmed PS5 and Xbox Series X upgrades won't be free for those of us who already own the regular version on PS4 and Xbox One respectively, with the Ultimate Edition's FAQ stating the following:

Will Control Ultimate Edition give me access to Control on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5?
We will offer a free next-gen digital upgrade for those who buy Control Ultimate Edition on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For more information on eligibility, stay tuned to our website and community channels.

What if I purchased the original version of Control previously?

The free upgrade path to Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 version of Control is only available for Control Ultimate Edition.

It should be noted that many developers and publishers required payments for upgrades when this generation launched, but it's still interesting to see that Control has chosen a different approach when the norm seems to be free upgrades this time around. We'll see if there's an option that allows us to just pay for the upgrade or maybe we'll have to buy the game twice.

We'll do some digging and let you know if we find any answers.


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