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Sea of Thieves

Coral treasures under the sea awaits you in Sea of Thieves: Season Four

Look for the season to land on September 23.

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Last week, Rare released the first teaser trailer for the upcoming Season Four of Sea of Thieves. It made it clear that we're getting adventures under the sea this time, while all the previous ones mostly has been on the surface.

Well, now we've got a proper Season Four trailer ahead of the release on September 23 and a much better look at thing to come. It turns out we're going to get to plunder Siren Shrines full of loot. But there hidden under the water and each and every one of them has different challenges you must solve, which includes both battles and puzzles.

If you succeed, you'll find huge amounts of valuable Coral loot and possibly also expensive drinks. There are also new sails and items for your shops, new wearable costumes and lot's of other things. Everything is free as usual.

Check out everything that is offered in the video below.

Sea of Thieves

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