Cosmos is HTC Vive's approach to plug-and-play VR

And it looks like the manufacturer's answer to Oculus Quest, as more news emerges from CES.

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Besides the high-end, enterprise-oriented Vive Pro Eye, HTC had another VR headset, a more gaming-focused one, to introduce at CES expo this week, and that is the HTC Vive Cosmos.

Not as standalone as the lower-range HTC Vive Focus, but searching for maximum comfort and user-friendliness, the Cosmos can be powered by a PC or a mobile and requires no additional external base nor external tracking (as it uses inside out tracking).

As it's releasing before the Vive Pro Eye, the Cosmos will be the first HTC Vive device to take advantage of the new Vive Reality System and its Origin social hub, the new VR software environments also introduced at the event in Las Vegas.

Dev kits for Vive Cosmos should start shipping before April, with the final product to release at a yet-to-be-confirmed date in 2019, for an also TBA price. Here's the teaser trailer:

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