Counter Logic Gaming reveals full League of Legends roster
League of Legends

Counter Logic Gaming reveals full League of Legends roster

Including Biofrost and Reignover.

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Earlier today we reported that Aphromoo had parted ways with CLG's League of Legends team, and now CLG has revealed the full roster that'll be moving forward without him.

There are two new faces in the team, these being Vincent 'Biofrost' Wang and Yeujin 'Reignover' Kim, the former being an accomplished support and the latter also having his own history of achievements, like being an NA LCS MVP and EU LCS champion. These two will be joining Darshan 'Darshan' Upadhyaya, Jae-Hyun 'huhi' Choi, and Trevor 'Stixxay' Hayes, all of which will be competing in 2018.

"Whenever any roster change happens, it massively changes the identity of the team," head coach Tony 'Ziks' Gray said. "The best we, as CLG, can do is look forward and work hard to discover our new identity. We'll be adding two formidable players in Reignover and Biofrost to our roster. I have nothing but confidence in both of these players and their ability to perform. Having talked to everyone on the team, all of our players are very driven to work hard to find our identity and become the best together."

How promising does this new squad look?

League of Legends
Photo: Counter Logic Gaming

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