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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike Professional Players Association revealed

The players union for CS:GO pros has some big names on board already.

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A CS:GO players union has been a talking point for a while in the competitive community, and now HLTV has reported that it's now happening, and will be called the Counter-Strike Professional Players Association, or CSPPA.

The organisation was established earlier this year by Scott 'SirScoots' Smith alongside the Danish Elite Athletes Association and a number of players, with seven pro players on the founding board. These include Andreas 'Xyp9x' Højsleth; Epitacio 'Taco' de Melo; Tarik 'Tarik' Celik; Jonathan 'EliGE' Jablonowski; Jordan 'N0thing' Gilbert; Chris 'ChrisJ' de Jong; and Nathan 'NBK' Schmitt.

Legal advisor Michael Døi and CEO of Danish Elite Athletes Association Mads Øland will take care of day-to-day business, and members of the association will create a new board or maintain the current one within the first year. The goal of the group is to help players with legal advice, especially important considering contracts, and act as a voice for players as a whole.

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
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