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Court rules Nintendo has to pay $10 million USD to iLife

The ruling says that their Wii and Wii U technology infringed on a patent.

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We've just found out that Nintendo has to pay $10 million USD to the American company iLife as a result of a dispute over a patent, and the verdict from the federal lawsuit states that Nintendo of America infringed on iLife's motion-sensing accelerometer technology with its Wii Remote controller.

"On Aug. 31, 2017, a jury in Texas found that certain Wii and Wii U video game systems and software bundles infringed a patent belonging to iLife Technologies Inc. related to detecting if a person has fallen down," Nintendo said, according to Glixel. "The jury awarded iLife $10 million in damages. Nintendo disagrees with the decision, as Nintendo does not infringe iLife's patent and the patent is invalid. Nintendo looks forward to raising those issues with the district court and with the court of appeals."

The lawsuit was started four years ago by iLife, which uses the technology to monitor infants to help prevent sudden infant death syndrome and to watch elderly people for falls, and they filed a $144 million patent infringement case. As stated by Nintendo, the company will fight the verdict, though.

Court rules Nintendo has to pay  million USD to iLife

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