Creature in the Well

Creature in the Well is a Switch-bound pinball adventure

Players will have to ping their way around this pinball-powered action-adventure this summer.

You wait for what feels like forever for a pinball-themed adventure to show up and then two of them land in quick succession. Following hot on the heels of the admittedly very different Yoku's Island Express, Creature in the Well is a more serious adventure game set in a desert where a giant creature is entrapping the locals and you're playing as an engineer tasked with braving a perpetual sandstorm and turning on a weather machine. That said, the game's pinball roots are still up front and centre despite the interesting theme, and you get a bunch of weapons that can alter the way the player interacts with the levels. It's heading to Switch this summer, and you can check it out in the announcement trailer below.

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Creature in the WellScore

Creature in the Well

REVIEW. Written by Lisa Dahlgren

"The freedom you have regarding exploration and problem solving as a player makes the game more than just a dungeon crawler."

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