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Cris Tales

Cris Tales is scheduled to launch in July, new trailer released

The game was originally slated to release last November.

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Originally scheduled to launch last November, Cris Tales unfortunately hit a delay and got pushed to 2021 because of the complex nature of its gameplay mechanics, the development team needed more time to make sure the game is "impeccable so that we can deliver all the magic we have in our soul to all of you."

Now, it seems that the game is finally ready. Via Twitter, Dreams Uncorporated and publisher Modus Games announced:

"Fight to control the past, present, and future! Cris Tales is coming to PC, consoles, and Stadia this July!"

The game will land on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC (Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store) and Stadia. A trailer has been released alongside with the announcement, which you can see below:

Cris Tales

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