Criterion founders open new indie studio

Three Fields Entertainment opens its doors.

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Earlier this year it was revealed that Criterion co-founders Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry had left the company, and now we know that the pair have established a new indie studio called Three Fields Entertainment.

Alex Ward confirmed the new studio on Twitter yesterday, linking to their new website in the process.

They're describing themselves as "a new British games company. Founded by the people behind Criterion Games," and they're already looking to recruit. "We are looking for talented Staff who are skilled in at least three fields of creating electronic entertainment. Join us!"

No mention of particular projects as yet, although the newly established Twitter feed did confirm that they'll be making games for a variety of different platforms: "We will make games for all platforms where we can self-publish," Ward said, although he did say after that they probably won't be developing titles for Wii U.

Criterion founders open new indie studio

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