Lost Judgment

Crunch culture highlighted in Lost Judgment side-mission

Have developers started to voice their concerns inside games?

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One year ago, I wrote about the The Last of Us: Part II that referenced Naughty Dog's reputation of working extremely hard and long on its games aka crunch, and the kennel isn't the only studio that has decided to raise the subject in its latest game.

Because Ryu ga Gotoku Studio does the same in the upcoming Lost Judgment. I won't spoil the entire side-mission that puts a heavy focus on crunch culture and how it really is to develop these big games, but let's just say that you're tasked with finding a game director who mysteriously vanished close to a game's launch. You can see some examples of the stuff he says after being discovered in the images below.

Do you think these references are cries for help from the developers, them making fun of reignited focus on it in the games industry or something else?

Lost Judgment
Lost Judgment

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