Robinson: The Journey

Crytek's Robinson: The Journey is one of the first full price PSVR games

Visit a dinosaur-filled world in this new game from the Crysis developer.

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Crytek, the studio that brought us Crysis and CryEngine, has been developing a virtual reality game that will be released exclusively on PSVR on November 9 in Europe. The game will be available for purchase in physical format in stores, or via the PS Store, and while there's no official UK price, giving other pricings we can assume it is one of the few full price games for PSVR, accompanied by the likes of RIGS: Mechanized Combat League.

In Robinson: The Journey you will be playing as Robin, a young man who becomes trapped on the planet Tyson III after his ship crash lands. Tyson III is a planet that has never been explored, inhabited by dinosaurs, and where "jaw-dropping discoveries await at every turn," according to Crytek.

We already had the opportunity to experience Robinson: The Journey, and you can read all about it here. Would the price put you off?

Robinson: The JourneyRobinson: The JourneyRobinson: The Journey

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