Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

CS:GO match takes place 30 feet in the air via a crane

It was part of the suitably titled Extreme Gaming event.

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We don't often hear about esports stages a lot, as most esports news is to do with players, transfers, controversies, etc., but every now and then there's a news that catches our eye and makes us depart the norm, which is exactly what applies to this latest story about a stage Republic Of Gamers suspended from a crane.

This was all part of their Extreme Gaming event and Penta and eXtatus took to the skies to battle it out around 30 feet above the ground. Understandably, this was an exhibition match, though, so nothing was at stake (aside from their lives).

Reddit user LopoGames provided a translated snippet of the conversation between two of the commentators (who were also suspended in the air) as well, and this provides for rather entertaining reading:

"Commentator 1: "Hey, hey this is really not good. I want to go down."

Commentator 2: "Higher. Higher!"

Commentator 1: "Shut up! I need to hold on to something but there is nothing I can grab here!"

Commentator 2: "Well at this point I hope we are just a quarter way up. They could get us higher."

Commentator 1: "Hey you are a... Shut up! You are not helping!""

The match was won by eXtatus, but this was more about the spectacle than the competition being played really. Would you be brave enough to give this a go?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo: Republic Of Gamers

Thanks, PC Games N.

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