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CS:GO World Championship winners haven't got prize money

The tournament took place last October.

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Last October the CS:GO World Championships were hosted by E-Frag, in which Argentina won second place, however, the Argentinian team has told Compete that they haven't been paid their owed prize money of $20,000 USD.

"The CS:GO Argentinian Team didn't receive their payments yet, and we also never received our payments to work in the Spanish/Portuguese streaming channels," team captain Martin Biolchi explained.

Team Denmark shared third and fourth place and is also allegedly waiting on their prize money of $10,000, according to a tweet from player Casper 'Cadian' Møller.

E-Frag themselves posted on Twitter back in June that this was all due to their sponsor, Azubu, and accordinf to them the prize money was "signed contractually to be paid by Azubu at the immediate end of the event," so it's Azubu who hasn't paid the prize money.

"We're in the process of arbitration in the arbitration courts with Azubu. We've hired Faegre Baker Daniels who are doing the case for us," Efrag said to Compete.

Mike McGarvey, CEO of Azubu, told Compete: "I can comment that Azubu's previous management team made commitments to broadcasters and events far beyond the company's means. We have worked to resolve over 90% of those obligations and have a few left to resolve which we plan to do."

When asked about the winnings for the CS:GO World Championships, though, he said the deal was organised by "the previous management team. I have not made one agreement since I arrived. The deals were very one-sided." He did add, though, that despite not having "specific timing" they are "working toward resolving these issues."

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
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