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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

CS:GO's Smooya banned from FPL for "foreseeable future"

This is the result of an incident involving OpTic's Refrezh during a match, and the former BIG man has paid the price.

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British Counter-Strike player Owen 'Smooya' Butterfield has been banned from the FaceIt Pro League after reportedly telling OpTic player Ismail 'Refrezh' Ali to "kill himself".

The situation arose after Refrezh was supposedly throwing Smooya's game in the FPL, prompting him to act unprofessionally. The full clip detailing the event can be found online but does contain some rather dicey language.

Since the incident Smooya has also taken to Twitter to criticise Refrezh's performance, saying after one incident "at least he tried? 0 comms during this btw, this demo is comical". Whether or not sabotage was involved in this game is unclear however.

"I've been suspended for the foreseeable future for my comments towards @refrezhCS. I don't agree with what I said nor do I think it's right in anyway. I will take the week to relax! This isn't any way reflective on @BIGCLANgg, it's on me," Smooya wrote on Twitter.

"Back to being slothya, good vibes only guys! When I'm unbanned I will try and stream every single FPL game to ensure no silly business happens."

We should remind you that in the last week Smooya has been removed from BIG's roster as they look to improve their performances, although he's currently benched as he looks for new opportunities.

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo: ESL

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