Cultist Simulator

Cultist Simulator is getting a free content update

The unique narrative experience by Weather Factory will be expanded later this month with some del.

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The tough but rewarding card-based narrative experience that is Cultist Simulator (head here for the review) is about to get a free content update for players who beat the intriguing main mode, as Weather Factory's director Lottie Bevan just announced.

According to the indie studio, the update implements "an advanced player-versus-demigod mode where you help a previous character ascend while muzzling - or murdering - one of four displeased immortals", which of course will mean more complexity and hard decision making. The lore-expanding content itself is about playing as an Apostle to the aforementioned demigod, but players should keep in mind there'll be more immortal entities to deal with.

As the title is, for now, available on PC (Windows, Mac, and Linux), the update will be downloaded starting January 22, 7 pm GMT / 8 pm CET on several digital distribution channels, and will be unlocked by just beating the main adventure.

Did you play this unique experience already? To learn more about Cultist Simulator, check out the interview below, where Bevan herself, along with writer Alexis Kennedy, tell us that the game "exceeded all our expectations".

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