Dafran confirms he's not leaving Atlanta Reign

He had said previously he hated the game.

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When Overwatch League expansion team Atlanta Reign revealed their roster and that streamer Daniel 'Dafran' Francesca would be on it, eyebrows were raised due to his controversial past, which were raised even further when he claimed that he hated the game and ended his contract with the team.

However, he has since tweeted that this isn't the case, saying:

"Still in ATL Reign, didn't quit like I said. I messed up, don't know what to say except sorry to the community, my fans and ATL. It wasnt jebait, sometimes I have these days and make dumb mistakes. Going forward I'm going to stream less and focus on making myself and my team better."

Dafran has been banned for throwing Overwatch matches in the past, so it's unsurprising he continues to garner controversy. Can he do well on Reign's team though?

Photo: Atlanta Reign

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