Dallas Fuel signs French Overwatch player aKm
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Dallas Fuel signs French Overwatch player aKm

The ex-Rogue man has a lot of experience.

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Overwatch League team Dallas Fuel finished Stage One of the competition (spanning the first five weeks) as tenth in the table out of 12 teams, and so to bolster their efforts moving forward they have officially announced on Twitter that they have signed French player Dylan 'aKm' Bignet, who has experience in competitive Overwatch both as part of the former Rogue squad and at the Overwatch World Cup.

Since Rogue didn't get a place in the Overwatch League, aKm has been a free agent for a while, and you can tell from his tweet about the transfer that he's happy to finally have a place in the competition. He has performed well in the past, so Fuel will no doubt be hoping that he can turn their fortunes around when he plays for them in Stage 2.

Do you think Fuel has made a good signing?

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