Dallas Fuel's Overwatch League homestand event to feature a live crowd

It'll be the first live event in the West Overwatch League region this season.

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Despite the fact that it looked like we wouldn't be seeing any live audience Overwatch League events in the West region over 2021, the Dallas Fuel has announced that its upcoming homestand, set to take place at the Esports Stadium Arlington in Dallas, Texas will feature a live audience.

The venue will be filled to 50% capacity, and all attendees will be required to wear a mask. The unusual part however, is that the Fuel's opposition for the match that will feature the crowd, the Houston Outlaws, will not actually be present at the venue, due to a game the day before versus the Boston Uprising, as The Esports Observer reports. This will mean only the Fuel team will be taking the stage to compete.

There's no mention as to whether other teams might also be looking to host a similar style of live event in the future, but it was revealed that tickets will start going on sale starting from this Wednesday, June 16.

Photo: Dallas Fuel

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