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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

Danganronpa V3's second roll call introduces new students

Including the mysterious Monophanie.

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Danganronpa is a series that's known for its bizarre and varied characters. After all, the games revolve around a group of students trapped in a situation whereby they can only escape by killing another student and getting away with it, and they're all at Hope's Peak Academy because they're the 'Ultimate' in their field.

We now have a bit more of an idea of who we can expect to see in Danganronpa V3 as well, since we've received the second roll call video, introducing anthropologist Korekiyo Shinguji, aikido master Tenko Chabashira, maid Kirumi Tojo, child caregiver Maki Harukawa, and Monophanie, a character we recommend you see for yourself.

The trailer gives a brief insight into gameplay for each character, but doesn't give much in the way of personality. You can watch both the first and the second roll call down below, though, if you're interested. Do you have a favourite character so far?

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