Dauntless hits four million players

500,000 of these came from the full release this week, and two million player hours have been registered since May 21.

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Phoenix Labs' action-RPG Dauntless has just launched in full after being in beta access since last year, and now the developer has revealed that the game has welcomed over 500,000 new players in the first day of full release, pushing the global player count above four million.

Since launch on May 21 players have also been very busy in the game too, hitting two million player hours in-game and three million hunts. More content updates are planned, as well as Switch and mobile versions, so these numbers are sure to increase drastically.

Yesterday the Dauntless Twitter account revealed changes made after updates and maintenance too, as Phoenix Labs has doubled the number of Slayers that can play at once; queues will now show your position in line; and a bug has been identified that causes crashes.

Have you jumped into Dauntless? We have, and you can check out the livestream replay here.


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