God of War: Ragnarök

David Jaffe thinks God of War: Ragnarök will come to PS4, but has no inside information

The former Sony and God of War II developer has spoken out on Twitter.

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God of War for PlayStation 4 became so popular that it is the game we're universally talking about when we say God of War. But, the first game with the very same title was launched back in 2005, developed by David Jaffe, who also did God of War II in 2007.

But in 2007, he also joined Sony for a career that has gotten mixed results. Therefore he has no involvement in the God of War series anymore, but since he was one of the series main creators, it was still big news when he a few days ago said that he firmly believed God of War: Ragnarök would be released for PlayStation 4 as well as PlayStation 5.

And since it became big news, he decided to clarify himself on Twitter, and wrote:

"What @'s the matter w/some of y'all fuckstix?! I have ZERO knowledge if the new GOW Is crossgen (but come on, of course it is). I was stating an opinion based on things Jim Ryan has said in press and the fact that I'm not a fucking moron. It's not my place to reveal ANY GOW info."

Basically, Jaffe still thinks God of War: Ragnarök is coming for PlayStation 4 - but he has no inside information of some sorts.

God of War: Ragnarök

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