Pokémon Go

Dead body found while playing Pokémon Go

Here's one you probably won't want to catch yourself.

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It seems the world is going Pokémon Go crazy, but not every story that we've heard is a happy one (app crashes and unavailability aside). A case in point being the story of Shayla Wiggins, 19, who while out hunting down Pokémon, instead stumbled upon a corpse.

"I didn't really know what to do at first, but I called 911 right away and they came really quickly," Wiggins told County10. "I was pretty scared and cried for a while."

Meanwhile, police say the body had been there for less than 24 hours. "The death appears to be accidental in nature and possibly that of a drowning. There is no evidence at this time that would indicate foul play," reads an official statement.

Pokémon Go uses both geo-tracking and augmented reality to interact with its creatures in the real world, hence the many potential IRL scenarios and backgrounds that are popping up, some of which are hilarious, some of which are not so entertaining.

Pokémon Go

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