Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight gets disconnection penalty system

Angry survivors and killers will now have to suck it up and finish each game unless they want to be punished for rage-quitting.

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The 4v1 multiplayer horror game Dead by Daylight has had an issue with people disconnecting from games to protest other players or the game itself, resulting in the match cancelling for everyone if the killer is the one to quit or the rest of the survivors having to try to survive with one person short if a survivor is the one to quit. The disconnection penalty system has therefore been a highly requested feature and it was tested back in December of 2019.

Today the penalty system was re-enabled on PC, PlayStation 4 and Switch (with Xbox One to follow once dedicated servers are enabled on the platform) today. This system will punish those who disconnect from a game often more than the occasional offenders as the penalty that prevents disconnected players to join a new game will get worse each time. The disconnect re-join timer will start at 4 minutes and get worse with each offence.

"Our objective with this feature is to discourage players from quitting games and will serve a double purpose of excluding users who are already in a negative mental state from re-entering matchmaking until they've had a chance to cool down".

Players won't be able to get around it either by joining a party of people as that will add the active disconnect penalty to the party. Read more here.

Dead by Daylight

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