Dead or Alive 6

Dead or Alive 6 gets delayed by a couple of weeks

Is there a need for polish or does Team Ninja just want to avoid the extremely busy February 15?

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Team Ninja's Dead or Alive 6 (or DOA6) will now be released on March 1, 2019 worldwide, it was announced by publisher Koei Tecmo. The fighting game was due out on February 15, but the devs want to use a couple of extra weeks to "further polish its balance, gameplay and expressivity", as stated below, where director & producer Yohei Shimbori apologises.

With the additional fortnight Team Ninja will be able to work a bit more implement tweaks based on the DOA6 beta feedback, but there's also the little fact that a good bunch of triple-A releases such as Crackdown 3, Metro Exodus, Jump Force, Far Cry: New Dawn, Anthem, or Dirt Rally 2.0 are landing in the second half of February, so it might as well mean some breathing room and avoid the worst time to launch the game.

Koei Tecmo finally recalls that console pre-order bonuses at select retailers "include Nyotengu as a downloadable character available at launch & an additional costume for Kasumi".

Dead or Alive 6

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