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Death's Door
Featured: E3 2021 Coverage

Death's Door gets a confirmed release date of July 20

Devolver previously confirmed that a release date would be on the way.

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With fake subscription models and plenty of over-the-top acting, Devolver Digital's E3 presentation this year was sure entertaining and stood out from the pack. During this wacky showcase, we learned that action RPG Death's Door will be releasing on Xbox Series S/X, Xbox One and PC on July 20. It also received a new trailer (which you can watch above).

Death's Door, if you're unaware, is an intriguing looking indie where you play as a soul harvesting crow. Here a soul that you have been assign to harvest has been snatch away from you and you must set out on a journey across a death-ridden realm to locate its captor.

If you purchase the standard version or Deluxe Edition of Death's Door ahead of its release then you will receive a 15% discount. With the discount, the standard edition is priced at £14.27 and the Deluxe Edition is £20.39.

Death's Door

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