Decksplash has one week to prove itself and get 100K players

Bossa Studios is "gauging interest in the game".

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Decksplash, the Tony Hawk / Splatoon hybrid, has been given a free week to see whether people will play the game or not.

Bossa Studios has set the bar pretty high, stating that if they don't get at least 100K people to download and play the game, they will scrap it completely.

In a post by Bossa, the studio said "If we hit that magic 100k, Early Access launch WILL happen on the last day (November 10th), however if we don't have enough players, then it's R.I.P Decksplash."

Despite this seeming like a possible marketing stunt, Bossa Studios released a video clarifying why they are doing the "Splash N' Grab" week.

"We love Decksplash. We've been developing it for over a year, we've got a core group of people who really love the game [...] but if we can't grow it beyond that, the game's going to die."

The free week for Decksplash will end on November 10th, where the fate of the game will ultimately be decided. Head here to download the game and try it out for yourself, if you'd like to see the game's development continue.


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