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Demon's Souls

Demon's Souls' Community stands before a locked door

A new secret is blowing fresh air through central Boletaria.

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In Japan and North America, proud owners of a shiny new PS5 can enjoy the remake of Demon's Souls since last week (we have to wait until November 19) and while Bluepoint Games focused on the technological evolution in their restoration of the original code (you can read about that in more detail in our review), they also left a little secret for the players to uncover.

Over the weekend, attentive players came across a hidden door that didn't exist in the original version of Demon's Souls from 2003. In section 1-3, just after the Tower Knight Archstone located in central Boletaria, you can find a very well protected section with a new illusionary wall behind some winding alleys. Once you make your way there, a small area that leads to a mysterious item unfolds, but unfortunately no one currently knows exactly which treasure is hidden there. That's because this zone is blocked by a sturdy door.

Over at Reddit, many players tried all sorts of different things and came up with the strangest guesses - unsuccessful, because at the time of writing no one found the solution. Experts from the Soulsborne community suspect that players may only be able to open this door with an upcoming patch. Another assumption is that buyers of the deluxe edition might get some of their exclusive DLC items there, although opposing voices are arguing that these items would come into the game relatively late this way (to even get into this section in the first place, you have to defeat the Tower Knight and must have the soul of an arch demon in your possession - so you are already in the latter half of the game).

Bluepoint Games prepared a similar mystery hunt in their last major remake, Shadow of the Colossus from 2018, which was very well received by the eager adventurers. Back there, people had to collect a total of 79 gold coins with Wander and Agro in order to gain access to a secret area under the actual temple complex. A mighty sword was hidden there, which rewarded the players for their efforts.

Demon's SoulsDemon's Souls

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