Demon's Souls

Demon's Souls receives a new boss-centric gameplay trailer

Vanguard, Tower Knight, and Armor Spider were a few familiar faces that made an appearance.

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Souls fans were treated to another look at the upcoming Demon Souls remake during the PS5 showcase tonight and this focused on some of the bosses that we will be encountering.

First of all, we got a look at Vanguard, an optional tutorial boss, which ended up wiping the floor with the player in the trailer - alluding to the title's punishing difficulty. We were then offered flashes of other favorite major bosses from the 2008 classic, with the Armor Spider spewing out waves of fire and the Tower Knight slamming down his oversized shield. The gameplay showed was all running a PS5 and things looked unsurprising gorgeous.

With things looking so good we were dying for a release date when things wrapped up, but still, nothing further on that front was announced.

Demon's Souls

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