Street Fighter V

Denial Esports signs Chris Tatarian

This is their first step into Street Fighter V.

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Denial Esports has signed Street Fighter V player Chris Tatarian, their first signing for the game, and Tatarian took part in the Capcom Pro Tour North America grand finals.

In Denial Esports' announcement they emphasised Tatarian's previous successes, as he placed ninth at the SoCal regionals and second at VSFighting in Birmingham. He also placed first at Japonawa in Mexico.

Despite qualifying for the CPT grand finals, however, Tatarians didn't do as well as he expected, as evident from his tweet saying: "Sorry everyone, couldn't win #RedBullBattleGrounds :( Tried my best but ggs to all the players! I must train harder!"

How well do you think Tatarian will do?

Street Fighter V
Photo: Denial Esports

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