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Dennis joins Ninjas in Pyjamas' CS:GO team

He's replacing Xizt as in-game leader.

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Esports organisation Ninjas in Pyjamas has announced that they have signed Dennis 'Dennis' Edman to their CS:GO team, who will be their in-game leader. Unfortunately this comes at a cost though, as Dennis has replaced Richard 'Xizt' Landström as a result, who will now be moving to the bench.

The announcement says that last year NiP started rebuilding their CS:GO team in the hopes of competing and winning major titles, and that change needs to happen to get to that point, adding that "roster changes are not easy". Dennis has experience with in-game leadership in the past, hence why he's a good fit, and the team are expecting a changed approach as he comes in and works with the team.

"I'm very excited to become the new in-game leader for NiP," Dennis said. "It has been some time since I lead a team on this level and of this caliber, but I am ready to give it all I have and to play hearts out with my new team. With the new and the old blood in the team and the large organization behind, I'm positive that we can become what NiP once were, a world dominating CS:GO team. I am super excited about the next step in my career as a player!"

"We are happy to have completed the signing of Dennis 'Dennis' Edman," NiP CEO Hicham Chahine added. "We know Dennis well from before, and the decision was done over the past weekend following a weak performance at cs_summit 2 in Los Angeles. We are happy to have an experienced player filling the shoes of Richard, as our team now consist of a mix of experience and the next generation of players. We are excited to see what Dennis can bring to our team and organization. Benching a player like Richard is one of the toughest decisions I have ever taken, but the well-being of Ninjas in Pyjamas and performance in games comes first as we set off to find new success. Richard, thank you for everything!"

As a result of the transfer Dennis will be playing in upcoming ESL Pro League competition matches as well as at the IEM Katowice tournament in Poland. Do you think this was the right move Ninjas in Pyjamas needed to make?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
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