Desperados III

Desperados 3 "the perfect entry point for new players"

The story is set before the other games, and the tutorial is a key focus, as revealed by narrative director Dennis Huszak at Gamescom.

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Desperados is a long-running series that's getting number three in the future, and at Gamescom we caught up with narrative director Dennis Huszak to hear about the sequel, which is actually taking us in a new direction with the story, set before the others.

"It's the third installment in the series, the whole IP, the older guys and girls may know it, but the great thing about it [is] that still it's number three but it's a prequel in the story, so it is the perfect entry point for new players to Desperados, as well as into the genre of real-time tactic games because - without losing the hardcore factor, don't be afraid - we really tried to get, especially the tutorial at the beginning, smooth for new players."

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