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Destiny 2's Festival of the Lost returns

The Haunted Forest and everyone's favourite space grandma, Eva Levante are back.

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To mark this year's Halloween celebrations, Destiny 2 is bringing back the Festival of the Lost between October 6 and November 3. The event, which has become a staple of Destiny 2's annual events, will be seeing the return of the Haunted Forest, Eva Levante and plenty of other seasonal treats.

Destiny 2

For this iteration of the Haunted Forest players will have to collect Ciphers from other in-game activities, and then acquire Cipher Decoders from completing Forest runs. Likewise, this time around, the Haunted Forest will be a little more generous, offering five reward chests, compared to last year's crushing one. Completing enough Haunted Forest activities and Triumphs will also give players a chance to earn a limited Exotic Sparrow, Ship and Ghost.

Masks will also be making a return, with a new Masquerader helmet available to be picked up from everyone's favourite space grandma, Eva Levante. You can use this new helmet to wear older mask ornaments, or just use older ones anyway.

The event will also bring a host of new Triumphs, emblems and opportunities to earn the Braytech Werewolf and Horror Story Auto Rifles - each with new perk combinations to chase. Eververse will also see new cosmetics, all available to be purchased with Silver, or occasionally with Bright Dust.

Dedicated players can work to complete all the Festival of the Lost Triumphs to chase a new, limited Restless Ghost pin, available for purchase on the Bungie Store after certain requirements are met.

This event will leave fans one week to kill before Destiny 2: Beyond Light drops, so make sure to use the time to gather as much material and resources as possible, before heading into Year 3.

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