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Deus Ex GO

Deus Ex GO's gameplay is faithful to the franchise

We had a chat with game designer Etienne Giroux the new GO game.

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Deus Ex is the third GO game (after Lara Croft and Hitman), and each one was a decent addition to its respective franchise.

"When we create a GO game it's all about using AAA franchises from Square Enix and making it into a simple and elegant puzzle game," game designer Etienne Giroux told us when we saw the game for the first time.

Whilst the gameplay in GO titles isn't as deep as their AAA counterparts, Square Enix Montreal aims to keep the gameplay and art-style faithful to each franchise, and this also applies to Deus Ex GO.

"We try to capture how you feel when playing the game, when you're Adam Jensen. In this case, it's about manipulating the enemies, figuring out the situation, when to kill people, when to avoid killing people, and when to hack something"

You will also be able to upgrade your character, but again not as much you can in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided: "You find new abilities under the form of augments, but there aren't as many as the main game."

Deus Ex GO looks like it will be another good mobile game from the team, when it releases on August 23 for Android and iOS.

Deus Ex GO

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