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Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 5 censorship has been removed in the US

American players can now enjoy the bare behind of Trish without a lens flare blocking the view, as was previously the case.

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A while ago we reported on an odd case of very specific censorship regarding nudity in Devil May Cry 5. The censorship in and of itself wasn't particularly strange, because while censoring nudity isn't unheard of, what was strange was the fact that it was patched in after release exclusively on PlayStation 4. In a turn of events, however, it seems that the censorship - which took the shape of a lens-flare over Trish's behind - has been removed with update 1.07, but only in the US, according to a recent report.

The reason for this platform-specific (and now region-specific) censorship isn't yet known, as neither Sony nor Capcom have commented on the existence of the patched-in beam of light, so we can only speculate.

Elsewhere in Devil May Cry 5 news the Bloody Palace update has just arrived, which is good news for the player base which has now surpassed two million hackers and slashers.

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Devil May Cry 5

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