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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Dick Stacy's signature refused as 'not permissible' for CS:GO

There's something about Ollie 'Dick Stacy' Tierney's signature that Valve won't allow, but whatever could it be?

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After Oceanic CS:GO team Greyhound Gaming achieved second place at the recent Asia Minor Championship for Katowice 2019, every player from the team was allowed to create a personalised sticker that would be added into the game. Australian player Ollie 'Dick Stacy' Tierney thought long and hard about his submission before submitting his signature.

For whatever reason, this design was rejected with the player receiving this response: "Your signature has been rejected because the image provided would not be permissible to ship in all regions where CS:GO is available, and therefore does not conform to our requirements."

But despite this initial setback Dick Stacy, with help from his mum, sent in another sign that they hope will make it into the game, as revealed on Twitter and visible below.

Are you excited to see Dick Stacy's signature in CS:GO?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo: Ollie 'Dick Stacey' Tierney

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