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Rocket League

Dignitas has won the second European BMW Rocket League Open

The organisation beat Team Vitality to take the top spot.

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Up until quite recently, Dignitas was known to be quite the force in the competitive Rocket League scene. However, the last few months haven't been so kind, and the organisation has struggled to take tournaments. That has all changed now though, as Dignitas has come out victorious at the second European BMW Rocket League Open.

The win was no minor feat either as Dignitas had to defeat the RLCS Season X European champions Team Vitality to take the top slot, and even had to knock the thrice consecutive Season X Major winners Team BDS out of the running to even challenge Vitality at the end of it all.

The win has rewarded Dignitas $30,000 in cash prizes as well as some RLCS Circuit Ranking Points, which will be helpful as the team looks to compete to be the next European champions.

Rocket League

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