Disembodied is an adventure between Darksiders and Medievil

Berlin By Ten's project won 'Best Use of PlayStation Platform' award at PS Talents.

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We told you about Greyfall yesterday, as it was one of the PS Talents awards finalists, and another finalist, one of the best-looking U-tad projects at the Fun & Serious Game Festival indie area, was Disembodied. The game took 'Best Use of PlayStation Platform' prize at the awards last night, and in Bilbao we caught up with Berlin By Ten programmer Francisco Estaun to learn more about the project.

The story is about Yorick, "the lord of the underworld, he was a tyrant, everyone hated him, so they beheaded him and threw his skull away," as Estaun explains, and by finding a borrowed skeleton players follow "the adventure of the skeleton and the skull" to recover their throne.

The game features light-hearted combat, final bosses, and a bunch of puzzles in a 3D, colourful environment. "You have to go through the entire underworld", explains Estaun, and "everyone wants revenge." In terms of inspirations, the team has taken good note from Zelda: Breath of the Wild (and its weapon system), but mainly Darksiders and Medievil, as "we love the humour, the comedy, and we try to add it as well to the story; the skull is always talking (...) and making fun of you." What a coincidence now the original Medievil is getting Remastered.

Berlin By Ten uses the Unreal Engine and will soon be looking for a publishing partner, as their plan is to launch in Q1 2019. Does it all sound promising so far though?


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