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Disney shows off first look at the Echo TV series

It'll be based on the character introduced in Hawkeye and will arrive next year.

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It was only very recently that Disney and Marvel Studios shared the first trailer for the upcoming She-Hulk TV series that will hit the streaming service Disney+ this August. But, that's not the only goodie that Marvel had up its sleeve as it also shared the first look at the Echo TV series that will be coming next year.

Based on the character that was introduced in Hawkeye in late 2021, Echo will see Alaqua Cox returning as the titular character that is also known as Maya Lopez. In a new blog post, it's said that the show will look into how Lopez's destructive behaviour in New York City during the Hawkeye series catches up with her, and will likewise explore the character's Native American roots and her family.

While Disney has yet to put an exact date on when Echo will start streaming, we do know that it will arrive in 2023, and that as of right now, it is in production.

Disney shows off first look at the Echo TV series

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