Do Not Feed the Monkeys

Do Not Feed the Monkeys heading to Nintendo Switch and PS4

The satirical "virtual voyeur simulator" will even get its own Collector's Edition, at least in Spain.

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For the reasons mentioned in our Do Not Feed the Monkeys review, Fictiorama Studios' hand-drawn, narratively-branching adventure was one of the most unique and interesting indie games on PC last year, and after gathering a bunch of Spanish industry awards at Gamelab earlier this summer, it turns out that the "virtual voyeur simulator" is going to arrive on both Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

It didn't get an entry on the Nintendo eShop nor on the PS Store, as it doesn't even have an official announcement yet, but Do Not Feed the Monkeys - Collector's Edition has been outed by a couple of Spanish retailers already. The physical edition - once again by BadLand Games Publishing - includes the boxed game cartridge or disc, an artbook, a monkey badge, the original soundtrack CD, an anti-stress figurine, and a monkey t-shirt, all coming at around 50 euros on November 8.

Gamereactor has asked both the studio and the publisher for further intel. Will you be getting this?

Do Not Feed the Monkeys

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