Hitman 2

Don't talk about killing Sean Bean in Hitman 2 on Twitter

Twitter bans are being handed out.

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Killing people is bad. Threatening to kill people is bad. Talking about killing people is bad, but sometimes it can also be funny - especially when you're doing it on a social media platform and it doesn't recognise that you're talking about a fictional character in a video game so it bans you from said platform.

This is what happened to Twitter user @TheFatConsol3R recently when he tweeted about Hitman 2 and killing the first Elusive Target - Sean Bean, the British actor who is infamous for dying in absolutely everything he is in.

Now, Sean Bean is technically not a fictional character, but he is in a video game, so we can totally see where the problems arose when The FatConsoler tweeted:

"Looks like I'm gonna be killing Sean Bean tonight then."

He was hit with a permanent suspension and has so far been unsuccessful in repealing it (we checked, it appears to be offline still), despite making it very clear he was talking about a video game.

Hitman 2

Thanks, VG247.

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