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Tell Me Why

Dontnod unveils emotional tale Tell Me Why

This is a thriller following two twins with a special connection and a troubled childhood, coming from the Life is Strange studio.

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Life is Strange developer Dontnod had a brand new game to showcase at X019, as we got a new trailer for a game called Tell Me Why, which looks to be an emotional tale following twins Tyler and Alyson.

This is a thriller that sees the two use their "special bond" to uncover mysteries from their troubled upbringing, taking us through rural Alaska as Dontnod once again tackles mature themes and important choices.

Can this top Life is Strange?

Tell Me WhyTell Me WhyTell Me Why

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Tell Me Why

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"I really appreciated the three-episode formula, as it concentrates the experience without diluting things too much."

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"Tell Me Why has turned out to be a fascinating game: it touches delicate topics with great elegance and it's difficult not to be enthralled by the exciting story of Ronan twins."

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