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Doom Eternal sales numbers crushed those of Doom 2016

According to analysts, Doom Eternal surpassed the launch month sales of Doom 2016 threefold.

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We really liked Doom Eternal, as reflected in our review, and it seems as though we weren't the only ones who were excited about the game. Superdata (which mostly tracks digital sales numbers) has now shared its analysis of how Doom Eternal performed on the market, and according to them, it sold no less than three million digital units in March.

When Doom was released back in May 2016, it only reached 957 000 during its first month, which means the sequel sold more than three times as much. Superdata does note that it won't have a whole lot of extra revenue in the long run as it is a singleplayer focused game, but it is, of course, nice to see that it is still a market for games of its kind.

Doom Eternal

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