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Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods intel coming at Gamescom

We still have to wait around two-and-a-half weeks for the next round in info to drop.

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Bethesda and id Software are planning two-story expansions for Doom Eternal, and we have already seen one location (to see it for yourself, take a look at the screenshots below).

During the Quakecon at Home event that took place this weekend, the developer shared a small teaser trailer for the first upcoming expansion, The Ancient Gods: Part One. There isn't much to see, unfortunately, since the short video only really tells us that we will receive new information during the Gamescom on August 27. This just a couple of weeks away so stay tuned for more on Doom Eternal then.

While we've got you, last week it was also confirmed that the new Doom game is also heading to PS5 and Xbox Series X. More details on that here.

Doom EternalDoom Eternal

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