Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal's file size has been revealed on Nintendo Switch

You may need to clear some space as it's pretty hefty.

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Switch owners will be able to descend to the depths of hell and blast demons in the face once more when Doom Eternal launches this month (December 8, to be exact). With the title being a digital only release, file sizes are indeed important, and Nintendo Life has revealed just how much space the gory FPS will take up.

Those looking to step back into the shoes of Doomguy will need 17.5GB free on their consoles to be able to download the game. This is significantly smaller than the versions for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One, which are around 40-50GB, but it's still pretty sizable considering the Switch's base 32GB storage. To the developer's credit though, it is a much bigger and ambitious outing than Doom (2016), and the file size for that game was 22GB.

Does it look like you will need a new micro SD card?

Doom Eternal

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