Doom's Nightmare mode "changes dynamic" of how you play

id Software on escalating the tension in title's hardest difficulty.

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id Software's spoken about what we should expect come the new Doom's Nightmare mode.

Always a challenge in previous games in the franchise, id's executive producer Marty Stratton says that while the team's still working out the balancing, it makes the game incredibly tense.

"It's a combination of things in Nightmare mode that makes it though," he explained when we caught up with him at QuakeCon. "We're still working on the details of exactly what's the final touch of that. I don't wanna go into too much details but yes, it's an effectiveness how much damage the guys can take and deal and another things, but it's hard.

"It really changes the dynamic of the way that you approach it, you really do seek out these opportunities when you're low on health and you're looking for those characters that you know you can take down quickly. We don't have regenerative health on Doom, it's all about killing the guy and he drops health and see what you can grab, it makes those moments really really tense."


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