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Dotemu now exploring "retro 3D games and '80s Movies"

CEO Cyrille Imbert admits they're looking at "retro IPs in general" (and that he's a huge fan of Conan). "Maybe, the movie adaptation will come before".

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The other day we had the pleasure to talk at length with Dotemu & The Arcade Crew's CEO Cyrille Imbert, an interview we were really looking forward to as it's the label behind highly-anticipated titles such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge or Metal Slug Tactics, and also because it's always interesting to talk to Cyrille himself.

One of the most revealing talking points in the video below has to do with the expansion of Dotemu's portfolio in the future, as they actively pursue going beyond their trademark 2D game properties:


"We continue to explore", Imbert reveals when talking about the company's philosophy, its retro spirit and the different types of projects they tackle in terms of adaptations, remakes, or sequels. "The next step I'd say would be to not only probably work on video game IPs but maybe retro IPs in general, I don't know, like old movies from the 80s or the 90s, like Conan for example - I'm a huge fan, I'd love to do a Conan game. But not a modern one, you know, like something old-school as well, but within the universe of Conan".

"Back in the day you had those commercial games for movies that were coming out", Cyrill recalls from the past, "that were not really good because they were done for a promotional purpose, usually. So some of those movies never really had their retro game, like 'the good one', right? So that could be a good idea, so we're working on different possibilities around that".

"And also, of course, as times goes by, retro gaming now already includes 3D games, especially the first era of 3D games with the first 3D consoles, and there are so many projects that would really deserve a sequel, or remaster, or remake. And that's something that we want to go for, but it's completely different budgets and scale... But yeah that's something we want to explore too".

"I would say they're both at the same stage", laughs Cyrille when further asked which idea is more developed as of now, and which one can fans look forward to learning more about in the near future. "But maybe it would be quicker, it will be quicker of course to stay in our comfort zone for 2D AAA games. So maybe the movie adaptation -movie, or TV show, or whatever we will find out- will come before the actual AA or big 3D games, because we've never done that before, so it might take more time. But we're finding stuff for those two different strategy accesses right now, so we'll see how it goes".

The rest of the interview delves more into Dotemu's DNA and into several of its upcoming games. Other than Conan, which other retro movie, TV show, or 3D game would you like to see brought back by the French devs?

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