Dragon Quest Builders 2

Dragon Quest Builders 2 expands with Season Pass content

This includes new recipes, areas, items, and more, although free content has also landed in the game as well.

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Dragon Quest Builders 2 has only just been released this month (check out our review here) but already new building packs are available for those who own the Season Pass, expanding the creative options available to you.

The Hotto Stuff Pack includes over 40 recipes for designing and decorating structures in the style of the Hotto Steppe, which is "a popular resting area in a distant land". To do this you'll need specific materials, and you can access a brand new island to acquire these.

The Aquarium Pack also lets you go to an island, with this one focused on fishing. Here you can learn how to catch and breed 40 different fish, which you can then add to your aquarium, and there's even a new fishing rod, customisation options, and clothing.

If you want to make things a bit more modern, the 70+ recipes in the Modernist Pack let you do just that, with new hairstyles and clothing too. It's the largest new set of recipes yet, and provides some more flavour for players.

All of this is available right now, and you can purchase the Hotto Stuff Pack separately, with the Aquarium Pack available on August 2 and the Modernist Pack from August 9. The Knickknack Pack, however, has recipes for Celebratory Soup, Ornate Adornment, and Pretty Paddle, and is available right now for free.

Lastly, PlayStation Plus users get the Legendary Line Art Recipe for painting the Scions of Erdrick and Lo-Res Luminary Recipes for building the Scions of Erdrick, all of which is free right now as well.

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Dragon Quest Builders 2
Dragon Quest Builders 2Dragon Quest Builders 2
Dragon Quest Builders 2Dragon Quest Builders 2
Dragon Quest Builders 2Dragon Quest Builders 2

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